Three Reasons Why Nevada Matters

Nevada Will Be Bloomberg’s First Time On Stage: Fmr. NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg missed the first 8 debates and will make his debate debut alongside his rivals in Las Vegas on Wednesday. The billionaire’s participation in debates 9 & 10 (next week) matter because it’s the first time many voters will hear from him directly before they vote. Bloomberg skipped the first four presidential primary elections (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina) and is placing all his bets on Super Tuesday (March 3rd when 14 states will hold their primaries) and the later primaries.

Nevada Looks More Like The U.S. Than Iowa & New Hampshire: Unlike Iowa and New Hampshire, the first two states to vote in this year’s presidential primary elections, Nevada is a “majority minority” state, meaning non-Hispanic whites make up less 50% of the population. Both Iowa’s and New Hampshire’s populations are at least 85% Non-Hispanic white. Nearly a third of Nevada’s population is Hispanic.

Nevada Usually Votes For The Winner: In all but two of the past 27 presidential elections, the winner in Nevada has made their way to the White House. The last time Nevada voters didn’t pick the winner was in 2016 when Pres. Trump lost Nevada, but won the presidency.


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