Three Things To Know About The Remaining Two Major Democratic 2020 Presidential Candidates

  1. Fmr. VP. Joe Biden (77)
    • Vice President from 2009 – 2017; U.S. senator for Delaware from 1973 – 2009. One of the youngest senators ever elected at age of 29. Weeks after his election, his wife and infant daughter died in a car crash; his two sons survived.
    • Known for his long tenure in public official and being an ardent defender of the Affordable Care Act (he opposes a Medicare For All policy).
    • Like Pres. Trump, he doesn’t drink alcohol.
  2. Sen. Bernie Sanders (78)
    • U.S. senator for Vermont since 2007. Officially a political “independent” but votes with the democrats.
    • Known for being a lifelong progressive and self-described “democratic socialist”, two of his key policy proposals  are Medicare For All and a plan to cancel $1.6 trillion in student debt.
    • In 2016, Ben and Jerry’s named an ice cream flavor after him called “Bernie’s Yearning.”

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