Astronauts head to Space Station

October 6, 2022
The international space station with light reflecting off of it in space

We’re so glad to do it together.

Anna Kikina, a Russian astronaut on SpaceX’s latest crew headed towards the International Space Station. The crew consists of four astronauts from the U.S., Russia, and Japan. The launch marked the first time in 20 years that a Russian astronaut launched into space from the U.S.

Why It Matters: A crew of astronauts launched into space for a 5-month International Space Station mission. The launch, which is carried out by SpaceX on behalf of NASA, is a routine "handover" of a new crew replacing the current one. Russia is committed to working with the space station through 2024, though it is uncertain if they will decide to stay after that.

Did You Know? NASA has not launched a rocket built for astronauts since 2011; instead, NASA has a significant partnership with SpaceX, a space-transport provider company owned by Elon Musk.

Video of the launch (International Space Station's Twitter)

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by Jenna Lee,