August Border Data

September 16, 2021


A rising number of families attempt entry along the U.S. southwest border during an already-historic year.
What To Know & Why It Matters.

Important To Note

The Numbers: August 2021

Behind The Numbers

Big Picture

  • Perspective: While CBP reports a high number of expulsions, more than 50% of those encountered last month remained stateside (for now).

The U.S. government has started expelling people by plane to Mexico and prosecuting repeat offenders who have previously been expelled for crossing the border illegally. The elements – the heat and the terrain – create another challenge for law enforcement during the summer months. CBP deployed rescue beacons “intended to save lives … equipped with lights and signage, making it visible to lost and distressed subjects from a distance.” See what one looks like on our source page.

Rescue Beacons

CBP Releases August 2021 Operational Update

Southwest Land Border Encounters (Interactive data chart)

U.S. Border Patrol Monthly Apprehensions (2000 – 2019)

Click HERE to read CBP’s local media release published on August 26, 2021, Edinburg, Texas

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