Barge Backup

August 18, 2022
A cargo ship sails on a calm sea.

It’s a horror show.

Lori Fellmer, chair of the ocean committee for the National Industrial Transportation League, on a major traffic jam at U.S. ports.

Why It Matters: Congestion at major U.S. ports is further delaying the delivery and shipping of goods. One industry executive calls it "the worst I’ve ever seen it."

Ports most impacted: New York City, NY; Savannah, Georgia; Houston, Texas.

Context: We recently discussed the back-up in Los Angeles, the nation's largest port (which has improved). As companies tried to work around the congestion there, ships have clogged other ports.

One issue? Containers. Excess containers are contributing to the clogged ports, blocking pick-ups by trucks arriving to move other items out or sitting empty while awaiting ships to get them back into shipping rotation (WSJ).

U.S. Shipping Backups Shift to East Coast and Gulf Coast Ports

by Jenna Lee,