Biden at Florida

July 1, 2021
Biden at Florida

I just wish there was something I could do to ease the pain.

Pres. Biden visiting with the families impacted by the Florida condo collapse, as the search and rescue slows.
  • The President and first lady visited the site of the collapse, where 145 people remain missing; 18 dead.
  • Pres. Biden spent time with family members, first responders and other political leaders, such as the Governor of Florida, Gov. DeSantis (R).
  • Before the President's visit the federal government provided more money and resources (such as deploying hundreds of rescue workers) to help in the search, rescue and recovery mission.

Why It Matters: The instability of the rubbled building remains a major obstacle for rescue workers one week after the sudden collapse ~ the cause of it remains a mystery.

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by Jenna Lee,