Biden news on Taiwan

September 18, 2022


President Biden affirming the United States military would defend Taiwan against an attack by China.

Why It Matters: This comment contradicts past U.S. policy that remained more vague about U.S. military actions if China attempts to invade Taiwan.

  • The American President was asked this question during an interview with 60 Minutes.
  • China’s response to the “U.S. remarks” (without directly citing Pres. Biden by name): “China strongly deplores and rejects it and has made solemn complaints with the U.S. side,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Mao Ning.
  • China has continued to behave provocatively around Taiwan (e.g. sending military planes close to Taiwan’s air space).
  • Taiwan split from China during the country’s civil war. Communist China believes Taiwan is still part of China while democratic Taiwan believes it is independent. The U.S. has a “one China policy” that asserts China is one nation while still maintaining communication with Taiwan.
  • Taiwan is home to the world’s leading manufacturers of semi-conductors — a key microchip for so much of what we use everyday, from our phones to our cars. The U.S. describes Taiwan as a “technological powerhouse.”

Biden: US would defend Taiwan against Chinese invasion (CBS News)

by Jenna Lee,