Blinken visits China

June 19, 2023

Progress is hard. It takes time. And it’s not the product of one visit, one trip, one conversation.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken during a diplomatic trip to China – the first by a U.S. Sec. of State in five years.

Why It Matters: America’s top diplomat met with the Chinese President, as well as Sec. Blinken’s counterparts in Beijing, in wide-ranging conversations about topics including fentanyl, human rights, Ukraine and the South China Sea. Notably, Sec. Blinken said China did not want to restart military-to-military communications despite the numerous provocative, controversial events over the last several months including:


Chinese warship and U.S. Navy Ship

Chinese jet and America’s spy plane

China’s President said (according to the readout by the State Dept.): “The two sides have also made progress and reached agreement on some specific issues. This is very good.”


by Jenna Lee,