Boeing’s Space Launch Scrubbed

May 7, 2024

Good things are worth waiting for, and we’ll get a chance to see that rocket and spacecraft (get) off the pad here soon.

NASA’s associate administrator for space operations Ken Bowersox after the Boeing Starliner spacecraft was forced to be scrubbed due to a malfunction in the ships rocket.

Why It Matters: The Boeing Starliner spacecraft launch is significant for both Boeing and NASA, as it would enable Boeing to begin chartering flights with NASA to and from the International Space Station (a partnership SpaceX currently has with NASA). The Space Review explains, “Starliner is important not just for NASA and Boeing, but also to demonstrate that more than one company can find success in the commercial space industry.” However, Boeing has had several setbacks due to technical, safety, and regulation issues. They finally believed that the spacecraft was ready for an official launch with the crew but had to scrap it, with a rescheduling date still to be determined.

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Boeing’s Starliner, an important milestone for commercial spaceflight (The Space Review)

Photo credit: NASA/Lacey Young

by Evelyn Peterson,