Breonna Taylor’s Family Attorney Benjamin Crump Announcing an Open Letter to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron Asking Him to Recuse Himself so that a New Special Prosecutor May Be Appointed.

October 7, 2020

This fight is NOT OVER! We DEMAND a new special prosecutor reopen #BreonnaTaylor’s case!

The Taylor family’s call for a special prosecutor comes after Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron released 15 hours of grand jury recordings last week.

  • The grand jury recordings were released pursuant to a court order in a case filed by an anonymous grand juror asking for their release in response to Cameron’s public remarks about why the grand jury decided there was insufficient evidence to charge any police officers in connection with the killing of Breonna Taylor.
  • The recordings add detail, but do little to resolve the conflicting accounts. Listen HERE

    In the open letter shared over the weekend one day after the grand jury recordings were released, Crump said “It is now clearer than ever that this was a case where you decided early on that your office would never actually prosecute against officers Cosgrove, Mattingly and anyone else responsible for the unlawful death of Breonna Taylor” ahead of asking for Cameron to recuse himself “and have the Kentucky Prosecutors Advisory Council appoint a special prosecutor who is willing to allow a grand jury to actually do its job, deliberate over all possible charges and render a decision on a True Bill for each.”

    Speaking to local media about the case ahead of the release of the grand jury recordings last week, Cameron explained that his office did not present any murder charges to the grand jury, saying that it was “not appropriate.” With respect to the two officers who were not charged, Cameron said “Because they were fired upon, they returned fire. I think that’s been lost a lot in this conversation. They were justified.”

    • On Tuesday, Cameron responded to Crump’s call for him to recuse himself, stating: “This is the Ben Crump model. He goes into a city, created a narrative, cherry-picks facts to prove that narrative, creates chaos in a community, misrepresents the facts and then he leaves with his money and asks the community to pick up the pieces,… It is terribly irresponsible on his part to push such narratives, such falsehoods.

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by Jenna Lee,