Burned House Sold

September 30, 2021

House being sold as is.

Listing for a fire-charred home in Melrose, Massachusetts, reflecting the competitive housing market. Selling price: $399,000.
  • According to local reports: “The front of the house is completely burned and the windows are boarded up after they were reportedly blown out during the fire.”
  • The listing for the home describes it as 1850 square feet, with three bedrooms and 1.5 baths.
  • Why This Matters: While below the median price for homes in Massachusetts, the high price for this obviously damaged property reflects a competitive housing market nationwide. Recent data shows rising record prices for homes – reflecting low supply and high demand.

Read more here: “It came starting in a recession, a very brief recession. We’re supposed to be depressed and yet we seem to be exuberant in the market.”

by Jenna Lee,