Universal Cancer Test?

A medical breakthrough may screen you for cancer in only
10 minutes.

It wouldn’t be able to detect where the cancer is or its severity, but it may offer cheap & fast info.



How It Works

  • Blood test detects the presence of cancer cells in the body with 90% accuracy.
  • Australian researchers discovered cancerous DNA changes color when mixed with a liquid containing metal (gold nanoparticles, in this case.)
  • 10 minutes for results.
  • Not tested on humans yet. Clinical trials still needed.

Why It Matters

  • Inexpensive, quick diagnosis: currently cancer tests require a doctor to do a biopsy of a tumor, typically requires a patient noticing a lump or symptom. Results take about a week.
  • “Instant results” health trend: development is the latest in a series of testing for HIV, strep throat, or even heart attack with results in 30 minutes or less.




“There’s been an enormous push to advance this kind of testing, since the ability to both obtain the sample and get the results quickly shortens time to diagnosis and time to treatment, allowing for  treatment updates and changes in real time, while the patient is still in front of the physician.”

Dr. Darria Long Gillespie to SmartHER News

Both the study's researchers & its critics warn its too early to call this a "holy grail" cancer test. One UCLA researcher warns he's more concerned with possible false positives, while others are troubled by those whose cancer the test didn't detect.

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