soon to be packaged & sold by European makeup line “Inglot”.


From The Block To The Biz

  • We don’t know details of the partnership between Jennifer Lopez & Poland-based Inglot.
  • We do know celebs have taken positions within beauty companies themselves, invested or taken equity (ownership). This is a SHIFT away from simply being “The Face” of the brand.

Beauty Industry Billions

  • $17.7 B = U.S. beauty business.
  • Makeup = biggest segment.”As beauty brands and retailers look to understand ‘what’s next’…their focus should be on developing new and alternative ways to engage with consumers.”
Larissa Jensen, The NPD Group

What’s JLO Selling?

  • 70 products
  • Highest price item: $49 eyeshadow palette
  • Price point: $8.50 to $26
  • Launches April 26
  • Interesting Fact? Inglot, based in Poland, manufactures most of its makeup in Europe.
Click: Link To Site

"Larger-than-life campaigns, with untouchable stars, hold little appeal to a generation brought up on YouTube influencers..." Read More Here:

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Beauty Break Through!

Hair-Dye Innovation?

Scientists say they’ve found a safer, more effective way to color your hair… that may leave your strands with less static, more UV protection, cleaner and even better smelling.

How? Graphene.


What Is Graphene?

“The Wonder Material”

  • A sheet of carbon atoms.
  • Hardest material in the world, but also the thinnest and most flexible.
  • Conducts electricity & heat.

How Did They Do It?

  • Created a water-based dye with graphene.
  • Sprayed or combed into hair.
  • Graphene wrapped hair like a sheet, rather than causing a chemical reaction to change color.
  • Dye process 10 minutes or less.
  • Lasted more than 30 washes = current industry dye standards.

Why Dye Is Healthier:
Superficial & Strong

“Because we now have a coating-based dye, we don’t have to get into the hair or change the chemical structure.”

Dr. Jiaxing Huang, Northwestern University, Interview w/New York Times, March 16, 2018

A Note From The Study:

Graphene conducts electricity. So your dyed-hair could someday “talk” to your watch.

Graphene-based hair dyes could also potentially benefit the development of electronics interfacing with the body.


Graphene is naturally black in color so for now, the dye is only black as well. TBD until it could reach market.

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Makeup May Enhance Your Lashes…

But Not Your Leadership

When it comes to makeup & leadership, LESS may be MORE

Study out of Scotland: women who wear MORE makeup are LESS likely to be viewed as leaders.


About the Study:

  • Researchers from Scotland’s Abertay University showed 168 adults computer-altered images of two women wearing varying degrees of makeup from fresh faced to “a social night out.”
  • Participants asked to rate the women on their perceived leadership abilities.

The Result

Women wearing A LOT of makeup are MORE likely to be viewed as poor leaders

Makeup does not enhance a woman’s dominance by benefiting how we evaluate her in a leadership role.

Dr Christopher Watkins
Lead Researcher


How Much Makeup Do We Actually Wear?

The ave. American woman wears $8.00 worth of makeup & skincare products every day, with women on the east coast averaging the most expensive face ($11.00).
(2017 survey by retailer 

How Much Is Your State's Face?

SmartHER Reminder: Check out the images study participants saw and you'll see what is considered "a lot" of makeup. BTW: study not specific to leadership in an office environment but IN GENERAL.

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The Final Catwalk

Fashion Week

  • Fashion Week is not a week; it spans various cities across the globe from February – March.
  • New York City leads, followed by London, Milan, and finally, Paris.
  • Final runway show: March 6, 2018.
  • Spring shows preview fall fashion trends.

What You Should Know:
General Trends Fall 2018

  • Makeup: Cat eye stays, but not  just black, bright colors too.
  • Hair: Headbands/scarves in NY & jeweled headpieces in Milan.
  • Bold Fabric: Bright colors, florals & animal print.
  • Longer hemlines: (until Saint Laurent went super short in Paris).
See Paris Show Here

Models Need Not Apply

  • Dolce & Gabbana used drones to fly purses down the runway in Milan.
  • Prada used computer-generated-image (aka C.G.I) “It-girl” to announce new social media campaign; “She” has 600,000+ Instagram followers, but she doesn’t have a heartbeat.
Click HERE for "IT" Girl

Can you imagine someone printing a 3-D image of your body and tailoring clothes to you? That's what one fashion designer did - and we thought it was particularly cool. Read More:

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