Mirror Mirror On The Wall…



Primary elections expose battles within major political parties, as each seeks to be the fairest of the land.


Who’s The Most Progressive?

New York primary exposes divide in Democrat party.

  • More progressive candidate unseats 10-term Congressman in blue district.
  • Likely *new* congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 28-year-old socialist, with little funding or name recognition.

Who’s The *Best* Conservative?

Small Gov’t vs. Big Gov’t

  • In focus: South Carolina primary race for Trey Gowdy’s seat.
  • Candidate,┬ástate Sen. William Timmons, supported by current Congressional leadership, beat out a candidate supported by a low tax, small gov’t GOP group.

The Trump Effect

The President’s Political Capital

  • In South Carolina, the President’s choice for Governor cruised to victory despite a close previous vote that led to a runoff.
  • In New York, the President’s pick for congressional candidate defeated a well-known, though controversial, challenger.

Despite sparring with Pres. Trump, former Gov. & presidential candidate Mitt Romney won his election in Utah making it a likely scenario that he will become the state's next Senator. Read more on what these elections mean for 2020.

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