What Is It Like To Have COVID-19?

A story of survival and problem-solving: Pastor Patrick Thompson survived COVID-19 all the while creating a relief effort to feed the hungry AND help the economy in one of the hardest hit areas in America: New York City.

How To Kill The New Coronavirus

Dr. Michael Lin, Principal Investigator for Lin Labs at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, answers key questions about the virus that causes COVID-19 – from what it looks like on the molecular level to how we can combat it, and why, although serious, this outbreak is NOT the “zombie apocalypse”.


The Chair of Infectious Diseases at Stamford Hospital in Connecticut, Dr. Michael Parry joins us for a second interview: what he’s learned about COVID-19 as a physician with a positive case in his hospital, how he’s applying social distancing to his own life and what we should all watch for over the next several weeks.

Pam and Tim ended their dream vacation confined to their room on the Grand Princess cruise ship.  

QUARANTINED! One couple shares what it’s like in quarantine due to COVID-19.

YOUR QUESTIONS on the New Coronavirus…ANSWERED!

Dr. Michael Parry, Chair of Infectious Diseases at Stamford Hospital in Connecticut, provides clarity for you and your family on this new virus igniting concerns worldwide.

The Untold Story of America’s First President

The author of the new book “Washington’s End ~ The Final Years and Forgotten Struggle” Jonathan Horn shares revelations about a little known chapter of President Washington’s life.