CDC Call October 21

April 1, 2021
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“A Critical Phase”

A vaccine (in limited supply) potentially by the end of the year & other headlines from the latest CDC media briefing.

“Distressing Trend”

The CDC provided an overview of COVID-19 in America:

  • Higher levels of infections & deaths – cases increasing in nearly 75% of U.S.
  • Concern isn’t limited to specific region – but Midwest is a current focus.
  • Rise in infections potentially due to activities moving indoors due to colder weather, as well as an increase in small gatherings of family & friends.

“We all want to live as safely as we can.”

CDC Deputy Dir. for Infectious Diseases Dr. Jay Butler says the following factors “translate” to higher risk:

  • The more closely you interact w/ others
  • The longer you interact w/ others
  • Indoor (vs outdoor) interaction
  • Interaction w/ larger number of people

“…as we get more data and understand the science of COVID, we are going to continue to incorporate that in our recommendations.”

CDC Director Dr. Redfield on *updated* guidance. Previously, the CDC recommended quarantining if you came within 6 feet of someone with COVID-19 for more than 15 consecutive minutes. Now, the CDC defines "high risk" as including a series of shorter contacts that *add up* to more than 15 minutes.

“…(We are) concurrently manufacturing commercial scale production of all six of the vaccines that we have investments or contracts with.”

HHS Sec. Alex Azar. The gov't says they believe at least one vaccine, maybe more, will be available before the end of the year, and emphasized Operation Warp Speed (the gov't program to invest in producing vaccines while trials are ongoing) will result in enough supply to start distributing the vaccine if and when it gets the green light from the FDA.


Health & Human Services Sec. Azar gave this potential timeline – once a safe, effective vaccine is approved:

  • By end of 2020: enough vaccines for vulnerable individuals.
  • By end of January: enough vaccines for seniors and first responders.
  • By end of March / early April: enough vaccines for every American who wants one.

"We get tired of wearing masks, but it continues to be as important as it’s ever been and I’d say it’s more important than ever as we move into the fall season.” Dr. Jay Butler. Alex Azar, Sec. of Health & Human Services, added the "3 W's": Wash your hands, watch your distance, and wear your face coverings.


by Jenna Lee,