CDC COVID protocol changes

August 23, 2022


The CDC updates guidance on COVID-19 protocols that will impact you and your family.
Here's a quick cheat sheet.
“We’re in a stronger place today as a nation, with more tools—like vaccination, boosters, and treatments—to protect ourselves, and our communities, from severe illness from COVID-19.”

Greta Massetti, PhD, MPH, in the CDC’s release on August 11, in which the CDC says it “streamlines COVID-19 guidance.” The timing of this release matters — coming before most U.S. school districts began their new year, and at a time when the CDC says we have “significantly less risk of severe illness, hospitalization and death compared to earlier in the pandemic.”


  • Scenario: You test positive for COVID-19.
  • Guidance: For *most,* guidance is to isolate for at least 5 days; prior was 5-10 for everyone regardless of symptoms.
  • If symptoms haven’t improved after day 5, the quarantine should continue through day 10.
  • If not symptomatic OR symptoms have improved (w/no fever), isolation can end after 5 days, w/the recommendation to mask around others for an additional 5 days.
  • P.S. Immune compromised or serious case? Guidance may differ.


  • Scenario: You spend time with a friend who later tests positive for COVID-19.
  • New: No quarantine recommended. The CDC suggests wearing a “high quality mask” for 10 days and testing on day 5.
  • Previously: Previously, unvaccinated people exposed to a COVID-positive case were recommended to isolate for 5 days, while vaccinated people were not. The new guidance is the same regardless of vaccination status.
  • Test To Stay guidance (i.e. testing required to attend school after exposure) ended.

Social Distancing

Previously: 3-6 feet in general (public settings, schools, offices) and cohorts for schools (limiting student interaction with one another).

New guidance: Social distancing is dependent on the setting and community levels of infection as well as “the important role of ventilation, when assessing the need to maintain physical distance.”

Unchanged: Masking broadly recommended.

The CDC continues to emphasize the importance of vaccinations. Roughly 80% of the U.S. population has received a vaccine.

What about requiring testing of friends, family, community members before an event — either as a courtesy or for permission to enter? Even when they aren’t sick? “Recommending screening testing of asymptomatic people without known exposures will no longer be recommended in most community settings.”

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by Jenna Lee,