CDC recommends wearing masks still

April 21, 2022

CDC’s number one priority is protecting the public health of our nation … wearing masks is most beneficial in crowded or poorly ventilated locations, such as the transportation corridor.

The CDC responding to a recent court decision that overturned the federal mask mandate; the Justice Department has begun an appeal to challenge that ruling.
  • The Justice Department filed a notice of appeal — the very first stage of a challenge to a recent ruling that halted the mask mandate on public transportation.
  • However, the DOJ did not argue for a “stay” of the judge’s ruling, so people will not suddenly have to start wearing masks again during this appeal process.
  • Backstory: Earlier this week, a federal judge ruled the federal mask mandate was not legal because it was beyond the authority of government and did not follow proper procedure.
  • Why It Matters: This appeal could set up a showdown over one of the few lingering mandates from the COVID-19 pandemic.

CDC says masking still necessary: Assessment to trigger DOJ appeal of judge’s ruling on mask mandate

CDC Statement on Masks in Public Transportation Settings

by Jenna Lee,