Charles Sams III QTD

November 22, 2021
"Although I have not worn the National Park Service uniform, I have worn the uniform of the United States Navy during wartime and I wear the regalia of my tribe to honor my ancestors and elders. These uniforms are reminders of the sacrifices made to protect our homelands and the responsibility to pass down those lands in a stronger state than they are now."

Unanimously approved by the U.S. Senate, Charles “Chuck” F. Sams III will serve as the 19th director of the National Park Service – the first-ever Native American to lead the NPS. The Navy veteran and father of four has worked in conservation management and tribal governments for nearly three decades: “… our national treasures taught me the importance of being an American and being part of something bigger in life.”

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Charles “Chuck” F. Sams III Opening Statement – Nominee, National Park Service

"The National Park Service is a very special agency with a timeless mission: to preserve resources and to inspire current and future generations. I am excited to lead that mission." – Charles "Chuck" Sams in his opening statement.

White House Announces Nomination of Charles F. Sams III as National Park Service Director (August 18, 2021)

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by Jenna Lee,