Chicago Air Quality

June 28, 2023
Chicago Skyline

You can definitely tell it smells like a campfire out here … It reminds me of the smoky fires in California that blow into New Mexico.

Runner Kevin Williams on the unhealthy air quality impacting Chicago due to smoke from Canadian wildfires. Vulnerable citizens have been advised to stay indoors, while some have been exercising outdoors wearing masks.

Why It Matters: After New York City faced some of the worst levels of pollution in the world earlier this month due to smoke from Canadian wildfires, the Midwest is now experiencing similar effects. Smoky skies were seen over cities in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio on Tuesday, and around 87 million people are currently at risk for poor air quality. Detroit, Chicago and Minneapolis are among the top five cities in the world with the worst air quality.

Something To Consider: Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said, "We recommend children, teens, seniors, people with heart or lung disease, and individuals who are pregnant avoid strenuous activities and limit their time outdoors."

Chicago's air quality ranks among worst in the world because of Canada wildfires

Air quality alerts remain in effect for Chicago area due to smoke from Canadian wildfires

by Jenna Lee,