Chief Economist, Diane Swonk Grant Thornton on Economic Growth Showing the Largest Gain on Record – Since This Data Collection Started During Wwii.

November 1, 2020

Record gains aren’t enough to get us out of the hole that COVID left us in.

  • The GDP reading, which measures economic growth, showed an annual growth rate of 33%+ and month-over-month growth of more than 7%. This was better than what Wall Street analysts expected.
  • This record gain over the last three months comes off a huge loss over the previous three months – a reading reflecting the halting of economic activity during COVID.
  • However, the lost ground has not been fully recovered…yet.
  • Why This Matters: The pace of economic recovery matters to citizens and Wall Street analysts alike. Some suggest the lack of economic stimulus will further slow down the economic recovery.


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by Jenna Lee,