China Protests

November 28, 2022
A street in Hong Kong with people walking wearing masks

Oppose dictatorship.

University students in Hong Kong, China, protesting against COVID-19 regulations. Protestors are calling on President Xi to resign, making it one of the most significant oppositions to the Communist Party in decades.

Background: China is the only place in the world still widely using lockdowns to combat COVID-19. The Associated Press reports: “In a video that was verified by The Associated Press, a crowd in Shanghai on Saturday chanted, ‘Xi Jinping! Step down! CCP! Step down!’” Protesters are also holding up white pieces of paper as an act of silent defiance, in part as a way to evade censorship. Citizens are upset over the government’s restrictive “zero-COVID” strategy – and at those enforcing it.

Why It Matters: Protestors aren’t just protesting COVID-19 policies, but also the authoritarian government overall. These protests pose a serious challenge to China’s leadership as President Xi begins his third term as the leader of the largest communist party in the world.

China virus protests hit Hong Kong after mainland rallies (The Associated Press)

How a deadly apartment fire fueled anti-zero-COVID protests across China: ANALYSIS (ABC News)

by Jenna Lee,