China three child policy

June 2, 2021
Great wall of China

This should be regarded as a crisis for the survival of the Chinese nation, even beyond the pandemic and other environmental issues.

Demography expert, Huang Wenzheng, from the research firm Center for China and Globalization on China’s new 3-child policy.
  • Huang went on to tell The New York Times: “Opening it up to three children is far from enough. It should be fully liberalized, and giving birth should be strongly encouraged.”
  • China put a one-child policy in place in 1980 to restrict population growth, out of concern for the nation's sustainability. In 2016, the Communist Party changed the policy to allow two children, and now will allow three.
  • Why It Matters: China's aging population and low birth rate threatens the sustainability of the work force of one of the world's largest economy. This announcement is a public recognition by the Communist Party that this is an issue.

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by Jenna Lee,