Chip Maker Warns of More Disruptions

October 6, 2021

I’ve been in this industry 27 years, I’ve never seen that happen.

Marvell CEO Matt Murphy on the semiconductor industry shortage.
  • Marvell makes semiconductors – small computer chips that have a big impact on electronics.
  • Murphy went on to summarize the issue in the industry this way: “If you look at how many masks or hand sanitizers or toilet paper that is flowing around, there was a panic, and there’s a panic buy on semiconductors right now.”
  • Over the last year, a chip shortage – partly a result of supply line disruptions due to the pandemic and fluctuating demand (cancellations and surges in orders) – has impacted everything from car to computer sales.
  • Why This Matters: A lack of these miniature chips can slow down big business and disrupt the flow of commerce, impacting the broader economy.

Semiconductor chip shortage could extend through 2022, Marvell CEO says

by Jenna Lee,