Chipotle pays NYC workers $20 mil

August 9, 2022

At its core, our fight focused on forcing Chipotle to respect the workers it relies on for its record profits.

Kyle Bragg, President of 32BJ Service Employees International Union. The union filed some of the earliest complaints that eventually led to the recent settlement, in which Chipotle will pay $20 million total to employees who experienced “major” violations of NYC workers’ rights.

Why It Matters: The $20 million settlement between New York City and Chipotle, the 10th largest fast-food chain in the country, has the ability to set a precedent for how fast-food employees are treated in the workplace. It is the largest worker protection settlement in NYC history.

  • Background: NYC’s Department of Consumer and Worker Protection launched an investigation in 2018 which found that Chipotle was violating city labor laws. Some of these violations included not administering schedules two weeks in advance and not permitting employees to use their paid sick leave.
  • The settlement: Chipotle must compensate about 13,000 current and former employees for its previous violations. Chipotle’s chief restaurant officer, Scott Boatwright, said, “We have implemented a number of compliance initiatives … We hope this settlement will pave the way for greater cooperation between the restaurant industry and the city.”
  • Something to Consider: The settlement was largely spurred on by the city officials. NYC Mayor Eric Adams said the settlement “sends a strong message … that we won’t stand by when workers’ rights are violated.”

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by Jenna Lee,