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August 23, 2018


Despite being an island paradise in the middle of wide open ocean, hurricanes rarely hit Hawaii.

2018 hurricane season.

Why So Rare?

"You’re a pretty small spot in a large ocean, and to have something hit you takes a bit of an unfortunate alignment of things."

Brian McNoldy, University of Miami meterologist says only 5 storms as strong as Hurricane Lane have EVER been recorded *near* Hawaii. Wind patterns tend to keep storms away.

Something To Consider:

  • Hawaii marked its anniversary as America’s 50th state this week on Aug 21 (1959) – only state that’s all islands.
  • Since hurricanes rarely hit Hawaii, higher risk of significant damage: not enough shelters, less prepared, difficult to reach.
  • All 8 islands in danger.
  • Officials want citizens to have essential supplies for 14 days.

2018 Hurricane Season

‘It is very important to remember that it only takes one landfalling tropical cyclone to bring major impacts to the State of Hawaii.’
  • June 1 – November 30th.
  • May 23 NOAA forecast predicted average / above average cyclone activity (3-6 storms) this season in the Pacific. One warning?

Hurricane vs. Cyclone

What’s The Difference?

Cyclone vs. Hurricane

You might hear both.

“Hurricanes and typhoons are the same weather phenomenon:
tropical cyclones.”

Read More: Click Here

NOAA forecasts suggest a “normal” hurricane season for the Atlantic (0-2 major hurricanes). Want to see how rare it is for Hawaii to have a hurricane? Check out an amazing graphic from NOAA on our source page as well as an update on the Kilauea Volcano eruptions.

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by Jenna Lee,