Congress called on to prevent rail strike

November 29, 2022

I am calling on Congress to pass legislation immediately to adopt the Tentative Agreement between railroad workers and operators – without any modifications or delay – to avert a potentially crippling national rail shutdown.

President Biden in a statement calling on Congress to impose an agreement on work conditions for railroad workers and prevent a potential strike.

Background: A tentative deal was reached in September that outlined increased pay and improved working conditions for rail employees; the deal – negotiated between the U.S. Labor Department and rail unions – has been in limbo as details are finalized and Congress prepares to pass the agreement. Some unions have rejected the deal and have called for more benefits, such as paid sick days.

Why It Matters: If contracts are not ratified by all rail unions, or Congress does not use its power to impose legislation by December 9, railroad workers plan to strike. A strike on American railroads – which are critical to the U.S. economy – would cause severe disruption. Railroads ship 40% of all goods moved long distances.

As rail strike deadline nears, Biden calls on Congress to intervene (The Washington Post)

Biden calls on Congress to head off potential rail strike (The Associated Press)

by Jenna Lee,