contracting epidemic

August 24, 2021
contracting epidemic

The rate of expansion of this epidemic below 1 in most of the South which shows a contracting epidemic.

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on the latest COVID case surge.
  • Important context from Gottlieb: "I thought there was an indication the South was peaking, and I think it's pretty clear right now the South has peaked. It doesn't feel that way because we still have a lot of new infections on a day-over-day basis, and the hospitals still have some very hard weeks ahead. They're still going to get maxed out as the infections start to decline."
  • Hospitalizations and deaths may continue to rise for several weeks after infections because of how long the incubation period can be for the virus that causes COVID-19.

Why This Matters: The U.S. South has experienced rising infections for the last several weeks that health officials attribute to many factors, including the more contagious Delta variant. An important question: whether the Delta variant truly produces more severe illness, death.

Here's a link to the interactive map referenced by Gottlieb in interviews: CLICK HERE

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says the delta variant-fueled Covid surge in the American South has peaked

by Jenna Lee,