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Current Events

“You don’t need results of testing to tell you what you should do.”

Vice Pres. Mike Pence emphasized what every American can do to change the course of COVID-19. The message from the White House today: Everyone, including the young and healthy, needs to follow the guidelines of practicing social distancing, as well as avoiding crowds, discretionary travel, and dining out.
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“…we can change the way respiratory viruses — not only for this, but the future — affect Americans.”

Dr. Deborah Birx on the current stakes of public health measures. She applauded grocery stores that have implemented specific shopping times for senior citizens, adding that she hopes the practice expands and continues during flu seasons.
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“We will win.”

Pres. Trump, who says our economy will come "roaring back" despite the impact of COVID-19 and that he wants to "go big" on economic stimulus. The IRS will defer tax payments for affected individuals and businesses. One stimulus idea includes directly sending money - reportedly up to $1,000 - to Americans within a certain income bracket, though the exact figure is unknown.
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“This is worse than 9/11.”

Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin on the current state of the airline industry. Sec. Mnuchin said programs for airlines and businesses of 500 or less are in the works. After 9/11, the stock market temporarily closed. When asked about that, Sec. Mnuchin said the markets will remain open despite the current volatility, though shortening trading hours may be an option if needed. He added, "Americans need to know they have access to their money."
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"Everything else is going to come back. A life is never going to come back." President Trump on why saving American lives is the number one priority right now, and why all Americans must join together in order to do so. What do you think of the new guidelines?

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