Covid 19 March 19 Update

April 2, 2021

White House COVID-19 Task Force


“The number of test positives is increasing. That is a dramatically important signature that everybody is doing their job.”

Dr. Deborah Birx, White House COVID-19 coordinator, explaining that the dramatic jump in positive test results is a good sign because it shows our increased ability to test more people. Dr. Birx noted 50% of the total U.S. cases are in three states and 10 counties.

“The supply has greatly expanded.”
Vice President Mike Pence on the increased production of supplies, specifically masks. When asked about the discrepancy between reports of limited availability and the White House’s assurance of supply, Pres. Trump said "I cannot explain the gap" but that he's working closely with local governments to provide them with what they need.
“Yes, there are drugs in the pipeline.”
Dr. Stephen Hahn, FDA Commissioner, said the gov't is looking at drugs approved for other diseases to treat COVID-19 – including a clinical trial of chloroquine, a drug already approved for the treatment of malaria and an arthritis condition. Dr. Hahn said a vaccine will take at least a year, but that efforts are moving at record speed. He also stated, "I have great hope for how we're going to come out of this situation."
“We’ll see what happens.”
Pres. Trump on whether more economic stimulus will be needed. On Wednesday, he signed a bipartisan COVID-19 relief package into law which includes increased unemployment and nutrition assistance, free testing for COVID-19, and temporary paid leave for many of those sick or quarantined. Last week, the number of people filing for unemployment hit its highest level in the two years since Hurricane Harvey.

“…if even 10 or 15 percent of the population decides that what they’re doing today is more important than the health and welfare of the rest of the Americans, they can spread the virus in a very strong way because you know the level of contagion.” Dr. Deborah Birx

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by Jenna Lee,