Covid 19 What We Learned 4 15

April 2, 2021


Three Things We Learned Today

“We’re getting there America.”

Vice President Mike Pence emphasized the U.S. is making progress despite the loss of more than 27,000 American lives due to COVID-19. He noted that although 619,000+ Americans have tested positive for the virus, more than 45,000 have recovered. Those who have recovered may donate their blood, with potentially COVID-19 fighting antibodies, in “convalescent plasma treatments” for those infected.

“This has been very reassuring for us. At the same time we know that mortality & the fatalities that we’re facing across the U.S. continue.”

Dr. Birx said we’ve seen declines in U.S. cases in the last few days. She also said there are now 9 states with less than 1,000 cases (with less than 30 new cases per day), and that states & metro areas are being studied individually. Pres. Trump said 29 states are in “extremely good shape.”

“We don’t absolutely know that for sure yet… The other thing we don’t know is the durability of protection.”

Dr. Fauci explaining it remains unknown if COVID patients are immune after surviving the illness and if they are, how long that immunity lasts. On America reopening, Dr. Fauci said there is “not going to be a one-size-fits-all” policy.

The White House will unveil guidance to governors Thursday on how to reopen the U.S. Pres. Trump indicated the federal government will be working closely with the governors in their efforts, adding that “if we’re not happy, we’ll take very strong action against a state or a governor.”


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by Jenna Lee,