Covid At Home Test

April 2, 2021
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The FDA approves the the first COVID-19
at-home test.

Why It Matters:

  • More Data: More tests = more information to guide our next steps.
  • Saves Gear: At-home tests will save time and equipment, both on short supply. Healthcare workers have to administer COVID-19 tests in full protective gear (even though the majority of people tested nationwide test negative for COVID-19).
  • Transmission: If you are sick, this test keeps you away from other people.

What To Know:

  • First at-home test approved for COVID-19 in America.
  • LabCorp developed it. It costs $119.
  • You can’t just go buy it: A doctor must approve it for you.
  • Not available everywhere: Not all states allow at-home testing, including the hardest hit states of NY & NJ.
  • Not available for everyone: Healthcare workers, first responders will receive priority.

How It Works:

  • After a physician places an order, a kit will arrive in the mail at your home.
  • The kit comes with everything you need, the most important component? A specific nasal swab.
  • You collect your own sample by swabbing the inside of your nose and mail it back to LabCorp with the box provided.
  • FDA says it’s as “safe & accurate” as testing at hospitals, doctors offices, etc.

To date, the FDA has authorized more than 50 COVID-19 diagnostic tests and 4 antibody (aka serological) tests. Pres. Trump is using the Defense Production Act to manufacture 20M swabs a month for tests. Interesting to note: the FDA says it's investigating using q-tip style swabs for testing.

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by Jenna Lee,