Covid At Home

April 2, 2021
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Is It Safe?

New guidance on how you clean, the food you eat, and what you drink during the pandemic.

How You Clean

  • The CDC says calls to Poison Control related to the use of cleaners and disinfectants (specifically bleach and hand sanitizer) have increased.
  • Concerns increased across all age groups with the largest increase related to inhalation.
  • Examples of ER trips? Woman had difficulty breathing after mixing bleach with vinegar in her kitchen sink. Child ate hand sanitizer left on the counter.

What You Eat

New information from the FDA: Whether it’s the food you eat via take-out or food you buy in the store wrapped in its own packaging, the FDA says there’s no current evidence of either being associated with transmission of COVID-19.

Recommendation: The FDA says wiping down products is an “extra precaution” you can take “if you wish.”

Drinking “Quarantinis”

Alcohol sales have increased during the pandemic. Nationwide, sales increased in liquor stores and groceries 22% during the last week of March.

A World Health Organization advisory last week cautioned to limit alcohol because of its negative impact on mental health and the immune system.

The World Health Organization's regional European office also "encourages governments to enforce measures which limit alcohol consumption" during this pandemic. Do you think that's a good idea? One Florida liquor store owner in argued: "Alcohol lessens the immune system but it boosts morale."

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by Jenna Lee,