Covid19 Emergency Declarations

April 4, 2021

A closer look at the “emergency powers” invoked by state and local governments in response to COVID-19 as New York enacts a first-of-its-kind “containment zone.”

Why Declare A State Of Emergency?

“The main purpose of declaring a state of emergency is increased flexibility to respond and prevent, as well as to allocate funds where needed.”

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper on the benefits of declaring an emergency. At least 18 other states have declared emergencies to combat the coronavirus.


Emergency orders allow states & localities to up their preparation efforts

  • Deploying the National Guard troops to provide assistance to local authorities.
  • Gaining access to federal & state funds to assist affected communities (ex: emergency & medical supplies).
  • Fast-tracking coordination btwn local, state, & federal agencies to speed up delivery of goods and services.


Emergency orders allow state and localities to take preventative measures

  • Setting up satellite healthcare facilities and waiving copays and deductibles for coronavirus testing.
  • Enacting laws to prohibit price gouging of key items (ex: hand sanitizer).
  • Prevent community spread by closing schools or houses of worship and canceling large events (ex: SXSW).

NY Gov Cuomo said this about his use of new emergency measures, calling in the National Guard to help with cleaning, food delivery and containment in a suburb of New York City: “It is a dramatic action, but it is the largest cluster in the country.”

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by Jenna Lee,