Change Healthcare Experiencing Cyberattack

February 26, 2024

We … will not take any shortcuts or take any additional risk as we bring our systems back online.

Change Healthcare said on Saturday after a days-long outage from a cyberattack. The attack remains ongoing.

What To Know & Why It Matters: An ongoing Cyberattack could impact your prescriptions or other related health services this week. Change Healthcare – a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group that connects thousands of healthcare providers, hospitals and pharmacies with health insurers – is experiencing an ongoing cyberattack impacting the ability of some pharmacies, such as CVS, to process patients’ insurance claims, leading to delays in filling prescriptions. UnitedHealth blames “a suspected nation-state,” but who and how the hackers gained access remains TBD. As of Monday morning, Change Healthcare remains impacted as the company tries to restore its systems using multiple approaches …”

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UnitedHealth cyberattack cripples pharmacies’ and hospitals’ ability to process insurance claims (The Boston Globe)

by Sarah Pinkerton, based in Paris