Dave Ramsey QTD

April 1, 2021
“What happens at your house is more important than what happens at the White House.”

National radio host & best-selling author Dave Ramsey responding to those either exuberant or depressed from the U.S. presidential election. The personal finance expert, advises followers to pay down debt. One side effect of the pandemic? Data shows Americans have saved more, paid debt and improved their credit ratings.


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These trends have come together to form an unlikely silver lining to the economic recession, which set in eight months ago: Despite the pandemic’s economic devastation, which has tipped millions of people into unemployment, many American households are in relatively good shape. Since April, consumer savings have increased, credit scores have surged to a record high and household debt has dropped. The billions of dollars that banks set aside at the start of the crisis to cover anticipated losses on loans to customers have been largely untouched. And lending at pawnshops and payday lenders, where business tends to boom during downturns, has been unexpectedly slow.

by Jenna Lee,