Daylight Saving Time Ends

November 5, 2021


Daylight Saving Time Ends Sunday at 2 AM.

One more hour of sleep.
One less hour of evening sunlight.

What To Know

  • Enacted to save coal in the spring of 1918 during WWI, but made optional by Congress after the war.
  • Re-established during WWII. In 1966, became law under the Uniform Time Act.
  • Arizona, Hawaii, & U.S. Territories such as Puerto Rico don’t follow DST.
  • Since 2017, 19 states passed laws to enact year-round DST – no more “falling back.” But those laws still require Congress to sign off on them to take effect.

Also Worth Noting

Transition to & from DST linked to several health issues, including:

  • Higher heart attack & stroke risk
  • Drop in success rates for IVF
  • Fatigue, decreased productivity
  • Worsening S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) associated w/ lack of sunshine

Most are due to *temporary* sleep deprivation & circadian rhythm changes.

Approx. 8 months of the year are in daylight saving time & 4 months are in standard time. For those who miss the evening sunlight … we go back to daylight saving time on March 13, 2022. That’s 7 days before spring arrives.

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by Jenna Lee,