Dir. of the Vaccine Education Center, Dr. Paul Offit, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on the Emerging New Strains of Covid-19.

January 25, 2021
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This is not a problem yet. Prepare for it. Sequence these viruses. Get ready just in case a variant emerges, which is resistant

  • Several new variants of the new coronavirus have emerged ~ in the U.K., South Africa and California.
  • Moderna, a big pharmaceutical company that already has a COVID-19 vaccine in the market, says it is proactively working on a vaccine booster for the South Africa variant of the new coronavirus, but believes the data shows their vaccine offers benefit against other variants.
  • U.K. researchers says updated data shows the potential that the new variant is not only easier to spread but more deadly.
  • Why It Matters: The data that public policy officials, doctors and the public currently use to make decisions is based on one strain of the new coronavirus. It remains to be seen how much these new variants change how these groups confront the pandemic.


Modern’s Press Release

by Jenna Lee,