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October 17, 2022
A mural of Dolly Parton on a brick wall
"I just give from my heart. I never know what I’m going to do or why I’m gonna do it. I just see a need and if I can fill it, then I will."

Dolly Parton is one of this year's recipients of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy, a medal that honors those working towards lasting change.

Dolly Parton has made charitable work a priority throughout her career. One of her main projects is the Imagination Library, a children's book-gifting program that sends about 2 million books to children per month – or about one free book every 1.4 seconds. On what inspired her to start the program, she said, "my father could not read and write and I saw how crippling that could be. My dad was a very smart man. And I often wondered what he could have done had he been able to read and write."

Dolly Parton donation strategy: ‘I just give from my heart’ (The Associated Press)

Her Carnegie Medal profile and an overview of what the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy is.

Did you know? The Imagination Library donates a free book every 1.4 seconds.

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