Dont trust vaccine

November 8, 2021

People just don’t trust the government, and they just don’t trust this vaccine.

Bureau of Prisons correctional officer Corey Trammel of Louisiana, a local union president who is vaccinated, on the challenge of convincing others to do the same.
  • Under the Biden administration’s mandate, federal workers have until Nov. 22 to fulfill vaccine requirements – and private companies with 100+ employees have until January 4th to follow a vaccine requirement or institute weekly testing.
  • The Biden administration argues the vaccine is safe and effective, and will reduce disease.
  • The Associated Press compiled reports on vaccination status from these federal agencies:
  • The vaccination mandate for federal contractors to also fulfill vaccine requirements has loosened somewhat, as the government provided some leeway to companies (such as Southwest Airlines) to enforce these requirements as they see fit.
  • Why It Matters: While federal employees will not face immediate termination for not meeting the deadline (there is a warning/counseling period), the concern remains about a loss of workers and resources due to this federal employee mandate.

Biden vaccine mandates face first test with federal workers

by Jenna Lee,