Driverless taxi service launches in San Francisco

March 22, 2022
Driverless taxi service announces its launch in San Francisco.

… we’re now ready to begin introducing the Waymo Driver in fully autonomous mode—with no specialist behind the wheel …

Waymo co-Chief Executive Officer Tekedra Mawakana, in a blog post announcing the company will be officially launching their driverless taxi service in San Francisco.
  • Waymo, a self-driving car project that began under Google in 2009, has announced they are ready to begin offering driverless services in San Francisco. Mawakana did not provide a timeline for these services to launch, but said the company will provide further updates in the coming months.
  • The cars, which are electric-only, have been undergoing a testing program since August. Free, autonomous taxi rides were offered to select users — with safety drivers present and behind the wheel.

Why It Matters: The driverless taxi service is already available in Phoenix, Arizona — which will make San Francisco the second major U.S. city to welcome Waymo's fully autonomous, driverless fleet of cars.

Waymo set to launch fully driverless vehicle service in San Francisco

Waymo's blog post announcing the shift to autonomous mode

by Jenna Lee,