“Dune Shacks” for lease in Cape Cod

June 9, 2023
Cape Cod Dune Shacks; Image Credit: National Park Service

The houses are remote, with no paved roads leading to them. … There is limited running water, plumbing, and electrical fixtures in most of the shacks.

The description of eight historic “dune shacks” for lease in Cape Cod by the National Park Service.

What To Know: Leases range in price from $2,000+ – $16,000+ for the year, “as-is with all faults.” The NPS says Coast Guardsmen, writers, or those escaping the hustle and bustle of the larger tourist areas used the shacks, and those who apply for the leases must detail how they would help preserve the properties to historical standards. Just Remember: You’re seeing these photos in summer! 😊 Winter weather spans from a high of 40 degrees Farenheit to a low of 25. 😊

National Park Service Seeks Request for Proposals (RFP) for Eight Historic Dune Shacks

by Jenna Lee,