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October 11, 1884





America’s longest-serving First Lady is born.

On This Day

Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Born in New York City; orphaned by 10-years-old.
  • Niece of Pres. Theodore Roosevelt (who gave her away at her wedding).
  • Wife of her distant cousin, Franklin – who served 4 terms in office, more than any other president.
  • At one time, one of the most popular columnists in America.
On This Day

“…generalities are always dangerous.”

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt writing in her syndicated column, "My Day," where she shared her life (and issues she felt passionate about) directly with the American people. She wrote the above in regards to an observation while traveling - having initially believed women preferred trains, while men preferred planes. She also discussed the challenges of "long distance housekeeping" in her column on Oct 11, 1939, 80 years ago on her 55th birthday.
On This Day

Eleanor Roosevelt started writing "My Day" as part of her husband's re-election campaign in 1935. She continued until 1961, often submitting columns 6 days a week. At one point she was published in more than 60 newspapers and had a readership of 4M.

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