Election 2020 What Happens Next

April 1, 2021


Putting aside the headlines, ongoing ballot counting, and lingering lawsuits —



  • Dec. 8: Federal deadline for contested elections to be resolved via state laws.
  • Dec. 14: Members of the Electoral College meet in their respective states to vote via paper ballot, count, and certify their votes. Those certifications are paired with governors’ certifications, and sent to state & federal officials.
  • Dec. 23: Federal deadline for state & federal officials to receive certifications.


  • Jan. 3: The 117th Congress (Senate & House of Representatives) is sworn in.
  • Jan. 6: Congress meets in joint session to count Electoral College votes. Members may object to a state’s vote results. If there’s objection by at least one person from both the House & Senate, Congress recesses briefly for a debate. If the objection is approved by House & Senate, that vote is excluded.
  • Jan. 20: Inauguration Day

WHAT ABOUT THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN’S LAWSUITS CHALLENGING RESULTS? Given the upcoming federal deadlines, the courts will likely expedite the remaining lawsuits (many others have already been dismissed). However, most legal scholars agree the suits are unlikely to change the ultimate outcome of the election.

Runoff vs recount

Takeaway Election 2020 for House & Senate

No Matter What Happens Next In The Presidential Election of 2020 – THIS Matters

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