EU Signals Opening For Ukraine To Join Bloc

December 14, 2023

History is made by those who don’t get tired of fighting for freedom.

Ukrainian President Zelensky reacting to news the European Union voted to open negotiations to E.U. membership – a reversal from recent years.

Why It Matters: While voting to open negotiations does not mean certain membership, it does show a thawing of opposition to Ukraine joining the European Union. The bloc of 27 countries works together for stated goals like a strong economy and peace.

Although not a binding military alliance like NATO, joining the EU would pull Ukraine closer to “The West” and more integrated into the European economy. It could take many years for Ukraine to move from negotiations, to official “candidate” status and joining the EU.

The EU also opened membership talks with Moldova: “

Moldovan President Maia Sandu said it was an honour to share the path to EU accession with Ukraine. “We wouldn’t be here today without Ukraine’s brave resistance against Russia’s brutal invasion,” she wrote.

Earlier this year, Moldova warned that Russia was seeking to seize power in Chisinau. Ms Sandu said Moldovans were now feeling Europe’s “warm embrace” and congratulated her compatriots on what she called “an award for all of society, all those who choose democracy and prosperity”. (BBC)

Against the odds, European Union agrees to open membership negotiations with Ukraine

by Jenna Lee,