EU wants to cut demand on Russia natural gas

July 20, 2022
Gas on a stove

Russia is blackmailing us. Russia is using energy as a weapon.

European Union Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, proposing E.U. member states reduce their energy consumption from Russia.
  • Why It Matters: This proposal comes with rising concern Russia will completely cut off its natural gas resources to Europe which generally imports nearly half of all its natural gas from Russia.
  • The reduction in consumption of Russian gas by the 27 EU member states would be voluntary, to proactively prepare for the possibility of Russia halting its supply. At this time, Russia has already reduced or cut off its gas supply to 12 EU countries.
  • The EU energy ministers will meet next week to discuss this proposal.

A lack of Russian natural gas would not only be dangerous for citizens during the cold winter months but potentially disastrous for European economies, which are already struggling with high inflation and post-pandemic challenges.

EU draws up energy plan in case of Russian gas cutoff

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by Jenna Lee,