Europe Vaccine Protests

January 26, 2022
Europe Vaccine Protests

I fear we have a difficult political phase ahead of us in this pandemic.

Dr. Edgar Grande, researcher of civil society, political conflict, & social movements in Berlin. Increased protests have emerged throughout Europe as vaccine mandates are further established.
  • Protests emerged in European cities this past weekend over newly established "vaccine passports," which restrict the activities of those who are unvaccinated.
  • The vaccine passports involve a QR code that must be scanned before entering most public places (restaurants, airports, sports events, etc.). Exact regulations differ country to country.
  • Thousands of people marched in places such as Athens, Paris, London, and Berlin over pandemic regulations. Some of the protests turned violent; police used water cannon trucks and tear gas to diffuse protests in Brussels.

Why It Matters: The vaccine pass is not limited to Europe. A number of cities in the U.S. have implemented vaccine requirements for certain public places, such as restaurants and concert venues. These regulations are quickly evolving and changing, however. In France, for example, vaccine requirements are expected to be lifted in February.

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by Jenna Lee,