“Every second mattered”: Sorority Sisters Save Lives

April 12, 2024

I was a lifeguard in high school for one summer, so I just remembered it from then. We had no clue if he was going to survive at all. And so I’m like, ‘This is the one thing I know how to do that I can help. And so I’m just going to give it my best try.’

College student, Clarke Jones, who jumped into a creek to save a family after watching a car veer off a bridge into a creek in rural Georgia.

Why It Matters: A group of five sorority sisters from the University of Georgia helped rescue a mother and two children from a submerged vehicle.

After watching the vehicle lose control and plummet to the creek, the young women pulled over, called 9-1-1 and jumped into the frigid water to rescue the two boys from the car, including providing CPR to the youngest after freeing him for his car seat.

Local law enforcement hailed the students as heroes.

Georgia sorority sisters hailed as heroes after saving mom and her kids when car flew off bridge and crashed in creek

Why It Matters: Did you know? More people drown in submerged vehicles than in boating accidents. Approximately “350-to-400 Americans drown in submerged vehicles each year, accounting for up to 10% of all drowning deaths.

Further Context: SWOC is an acronym that can save a life in submerged vehicle emergencies.

S – seatbelts, take them off
W – open windows, use second row window too
O – out of restraints, out of car
C – children, oldest children first

Watch Dr. Darria’s video for more context!

by Aimee Roberts, based in Virginia