Evolving CDC Recommendations

January 19, 2022
Evolving CDC Recommendations

I think what I have not conveyed is the uncertainty in a lot of these situations.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC director, on the evolving COVID-19 guidelines and the CDC’s role in relaying clear information about pandemic protocol.
  • Following another shift in CDC guidelines, Dr. Walensky and CDC officials have faced criticism over the new COVID-19 protocol and their lack of clarity.
  • Omicron has resulted in different CDC guidelines, such as a December 27 recommendation that cut the number of days for isolation from ten to five; the guidelines also recommend wearing a mask for an additional five days to limit likelihood of exposure.
  • These new recommendations, received as vague and confusing by some, are based on emerging papers about previous COVID-19 variants and are evolving as officials become more familiar with Omicron.
  • Dr. Walensky, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, went on to say that “we felt the need to take action before we had Omicron-specific data." She has also resolved to take on coaching from a media consultant to help improve communication.
  • Something to consider: Dr. Walensky explained that there is a large gap in the collection of public health data; the CDC receives data from state and local hospital systems at inconsistent rates. However, facilities have begun upgrading their electronic record-keeping. As this continues and more health facilities receive proper funding, pertinent data will become available more quickly – which will help policies become up-to-date based on more accurate information.

Why It Matters: The CDC is responsible for establishing and relaying COVID-19 protocol for the entire country. How they communicate evolving guidelines impacts people's ability to return to businesses, healthcare facilities, school, etc.

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