Extremists emboldened

August 30, 2021
Extremists emboldened

It gives hope for extremist groups the world over.

Independent researcher Hassan Abu Haniyeh, who focuses on Islamic militants, on the impact beyond its borders of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  • Terrorist groups around the world point to America's chaotic withdrawal as a sign of defeat.
  • Haniyeh says this serves as a rallying cry and a boost to recruitment: “The events unfolding in Afghanistan have given jihadi groups and U.S. adversaries reason to celebrate, and America’s allies in the region reason to feel anxious. Photographs by the Associated Press show celebrations in the streets of Syria supporting the Islamic militants' takeover of Afghanistan.
  • Why It Matters: “This is the story that is going to impact and influence jihadi fighters around the globe for the next decade, the same way as the victory over the Soviets in Afghanistan in the ’80s inspired the jihadis around the world during the whole 1990s and even afterwards." Elie Tenenbaum, director of the Security Studies Center at the French Institute of International Relations. (Associated Press)

by Jenna Lee,